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The Camp Helendade Website Returns

In January 2023, a group of Scouting historians and enthusiasts have re-acquired the camphelendade.org domain.  Our intent is to build a history-oriented website for this great camp that served the Scouting program from 1960-2017.

This is a related group to the campemerson.org history site, which continues to be updated.

We hope to share photographs, facts, and stories about Camp Helendade, with some additional information on its predecessor, Camp Arataba.

2 thoughts on “The Camp Helendade Website Returns”

  1. Do you have a way to post pictures on this site? I have some pix of Arataba neckerchiefs, Helendade and AAC patches, and the RS Scout Camp 1961 t-shirt that I’d like to share.


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